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My Mom often reminded me that we are responsible for our own health care. After what I’ve seen in my travels, there is a lot of integrated healthcare practiced outside of the U.S. that include healing waters that are spread all over the world. I’ve been following the path of the conquering Romans to the communal spring baths they built along the way where they either cured themselves or were buried.

Turkey – Along with an endlessly fascinating cultural heritage, Turkey recently redesigned Pumulkala, a wellness destination since Roman times. Turkey today possesses more Roman ruins than Italy and more JCI approved Hospitals than almost anywhere else in the world. I highly recommend spending a week in one or more of Turkey’s therapeutic, Hot Mineral Springs rejuvenation retreats.

Portugal – Lately, I’ve been testing landmark Spas the Roman Spas left behind at the mineral springs of Northern Portugal. A week soaking in the incredible geyser waters of Portugal’s San Miguel island in the Azores is where you want to be. It’s really an amazing place to find yourself, after only a five hour flight from Boston and 2 ½ hr. easy flight to Lisbon on – AzoresAirlines.

Netherlands – The Roman Army, led by Julius Caesar himself made himself at home in the Amsterdam region from 57BC-53BC. Today it remains a fascinating city and the surrounding area is well known for its Mineral Baths.

Bath, ENGLAND & The WELSH Coast – A truly a magical destination for the Christmas Holidays is Bath, England, where you can soak in the ancient,(recently remodeled) Royal Roman Baths, before shopping, and finish the day with a fine meal in one of the most charming villages imaginable.
Cornwall, England – On my way to Penzance, I discovered a unique swimming pool, set in the ocean that’s worth visiting by bus if you hesitate to drive on the wrong side of the world.
Tenby, Wales was once known for its Bathhouse and healing waters.

Poland, Romania and Hungary – We’ve heard so many good things about wonderful, historic health spas in Poland. Definitely on the list to discover soon.

France – Can we ever get enough of either? The food, the furniture and the farm houses. Bullet trains back to Paris, of course – from charming mineral water Spa Towns.

Iceland – Although Roman coins have been found In Iceland, there’s no proof the Romans made it that far. Over the years the weather in Iceland has been warmer than in New York. Icelandic Air has some incredible deals for all of Scandinavia. All flights stop in Iceland, so you can extend your travels to include a few days in Iceland without additional cost. Norwegian Air is great and saves you money.

Public Pools are everywhere in Iceland. Casual soaking is offered all day every day and into the night in Reykjavik. What a wonderful, inexpensive opportunity to, “Soak with the Natives,” after exploring the natural geysers that blow all over this magical terrain.

The “old geysers” on tour were too hot to soak in, but I’ve been told that people who rent cars find friendly geysers that are available and doable on the road.

Northern Lights TIP: Unless you get seasick, book a tour out on the water to find the Northern Lights. I forgot about that and impulsively joined at least another dozen tourist busses for the experience. It was cold out there and crowded with people, with overwhelming photography equipment. The food and drinks were expectedly over-priced, and the ques were endless.

Thailand & Bali
One of the many reasons to visit enchanting Bali or Thailand is daily massages and programs at unique Medical Spas and retreats – BaliFloatingLeaf BALI – is a taste of Paradise, albeit without healthcare to speak of unless you’re into Shamanism.. Best to catch a plane to nearby Malaysia.

Eye exams are free in Thailand, and frames and lenses are much less expensive. If you need dental work, Yanhee Hospital in Bangkok is amazing!

Yanhee is #3 in the world for transgender surgery.
A face-lift or tummy tuck is easy fixin’ for both male and female alike.

If you’re a diver, you should know Yanhee has the most hyperbaric chambers in all of Asia.

It seemed like a natural progression to become an Official US Representative at Yanhee International Hospital.

I am the U.S. Rep for Yanhee so contact me directly for more information. It’s free and really helps you to coordinate time changes and schedules.
BTW- Yanhee is very LGBT friendly as it’s one of the top three for trans-gender surgery.

I’m here to help – in real U.S. time – to answer any questions, coordinate your trip to Thailand, and set-up your initial Yanhee appointment. It’s free, so don’t hesitate.

Malaysia – Is lovely; many natural springs at wellness retreats as well as the finest, JCI approved hospitals. Thanks to a British invasion, you can expect to hear locals speak English in Malaysia.

Cuba – We’re all in favor of re-establishing our ties with Cuba. Fidel is dead. 50 years enough! Please. The Cuban people are starving. Someday, soon, we hope, the U.S. will join Canadians, as well as the rest of the world, to enjoy the healthcare benefits we’ve been missing, as well as meeting the lovely people of Cuba.

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