What is a Boomer?

Born between 1946 & 1964 – Just about everyone’s got a Boomer in their life; a co-worker, neighbor, a cousin, maybe an uncle, auntie, our parents or grandparents.

What makes us different? We are 77 million strong!
We grew up voicing our opinions in the 60’s, when gathered together for “Love-ins” and peaceful protests in the Park.

The 60s generation experienced: Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome – confirmed as a side effect from a thankless war in Vietnam. We accepted homosexuality, the reality of dying of AIDS and now, living with AIDS and beating Hepatitis C. We used Birth Control Pills in a dosage high enough to prevent the birth of an elephant – now regulated to a fraction of the original.

Women were expected to enter the workforce. Not just for independence but because of high “divorce” rates, partially due to the various, newly available birth control pills and legal abortion. The extended families we created became today’s norm. We lived the American Dream which included real hot cars, and gasoline at 50 cents a gallon.

In the 60s U.S. healthcare was considered the best in the world. We enjoyed a secure job market that included retirement benefits. We grew up with TV & and took out college loans to major in… recreation. Our generation recreated the concept of “retirement” from life in a rocking chair, to include living the good life again after the kids are finally grown and gone, but not forgotten, because we often travel as multi-generational families.

We were in the front row when Technology and entertainment exploded. We went from “Made in Japan” transistor radios, to 8-tracks, to Walkmans, to “Alexa”.

Film transitioned from the big screen movie theater, to 70” HDTV entertainment centers, with anytime on-demand films, Netflix, YouTube, and the latest medical information at our fingertips- thanks to Dr. Google.

After years in careers, and raising kids, (often including grandchildren). many are now also caring for “octogenarian” parents. We are spiritually aware and active. We skydive, surf, exercise, take vitamins and look for ways to increase our longevity. We’re into anti aging, reinventing healthcare, and ourselves.

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