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Medical Tourism benefits and affordable offshore health/dental options were introduced to me in 2006 when I crossed paths in Bangkok with Cal/Gal/Pal, Toni Andrews.

BoomerBroadsAbroad.com – was originally inspired by Toni Andrews.

Toni loves to travel, takes amazing photos and kept in touch from the road long before the internet became a reality by sending out Holiday Newsletters and photos from, “The Broads Abroad”.

Years before, we met in Santa Barbara, but in 2006, we hooked up when I innocently sent an email from Bangkok, wondering where she was, explaining that I had just had a facelift at Yanhee Hospital. https://ezinearticles.com/?The-Benefits-of-Getting-Plastic-Surgery-Done-in-Another-Country&id=5093088

Her response was that she would meet me at my hotel for dinner at 8 pm, and there she was! – working her way home from a birthday party in Ubud, Bali.

Toni’s high deductible health plan made sense for her. She figured out a fun way to make her health care plan work for her, including a stop in Bangkok for a physical.

Since then, I’ve been traveling: Europe, Thailand, and Malaysia, to attend healthcare conferences. But Bangkok stays at the top of my list for wellness. I’ve visited almost every year since then, often as a guest of Thai Tourism, covering the latest in Medical anti-aging and dental. www.BBAblog.com


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